Time Magazine - The World Moves On And You Don't

Posted by Darrell Scott on 1/17/2019
In late November, 2018, I received a phone call from Time Magazine asking if I
would come to NYC for a photo shoot on a story about parents who had lost their
children through gun violence.

I arrived there to meet the other 6 parents and was pleasantly surprised to see 3 of
them that I had previously met. Tom Mauser lost his son, Daniel, at Columbine
on, of course, the same day that my Rachel was killed. Tom and I had known each
other, because of our mutual losses, for 20 years.

Then there was Nicole Hockley and Andrew Pollack, both of whom my wife,
Sandy, and I had met at the White House in a meeting with the President and Vice-
President shortly after the Parkland shootings. Andrew lost his daughter, Meadow,
at Stoneman Douglas High School, and Nicole lost her little boy, Dylan, in the
Sandy Hook shootings.

The six of us are diverse in many ways. We have different religious views,
different political views, and even different views on such topics as gun control.
However, the thing we all have in common is the loss of a precious child.

Some of us have become activists in different arenas. Tom Mauser has been a gun
control advocate for many years. Nicole plays a lead role in “The Sandy Hook
Promise”, an organization that is having an impact on schools today. Andrew
Pollack lobbies state legislators for better ways to protect the school buildings,
such as the use of metal detectors.

Meanwhile, parents like Scarlett Lewis, who lost her son, Jesse, at Sandy Hook
(not pictured), and myself and my wife, Sandy, focus on the social and emotional
needs of students through programs such as the Jesse Lewis Choose Love
Movement and Rachel’s Challenge.

Although we go different directions with our solutions and focus, we are united in
our grief and support for one another.

I have friends that have sincerely congratulated me for being on the cover of Time
Magazine, but I gently remind them that it is not the way I wanted to get there, and
never would wish that on anyone else.