Posted by Darrell Scott on 11/9/2018

I kissed a frog to get a prince
But then what happened makes no sense
The frog became an ugly rat
Now can you just imagine that

I kissed the rat and he became
A mangy dog, it was a shame
I kissed the dog, a snake appeared
Its ugly head it slowly reared

I kissed it fast and something stunk
The snake had turned into a skunk
I told the skunk that he should scat
A prince is just not worth all that!


Posted by Darrell Scott on 11/9/2018

We see the words on marble stone
Three words for those who are deceased
Advice to those who now are gone
Three words of comfort: “Rest in Peace”

For most cannot attain that goal
Their anxious thoughts have kept them bound
While outer things consume their soul
Until they’re buried in the ground

But hear that quiet, inner voice
With healing words it wants to give
That urges us to make the choice
To rest in peace while we yet live!