Thirsty Fish

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This book contains life-changing principles in the form of poetry.  It exposes the contrast between the spiritual and the material world.  Between matter and energy.  Thought provoking and empowering, you will want to read these poems not only for yourselves but to others as well.  Here are two examples:


A monkey with a tender heart observed a fish in water

The monkey thought, “That stupid fish, he really should be smarter”

The monkey snatched it from the lake and placed it on the ground

He said, “You’re lucky I was here, or else you would have drowned”

The fish just flopped around awhile until it finally died

The monkey sadly shed a tear and said, “Oh well, I tried!”

We often think what’s good for us, is good for others too

But harm may come when we impose our biased point of view


I cursed the darkness all night long – It wouldn’t go away

I threatened, yelled, and pleaded, but the dark was here to stay

I held an anti-darkness sign, but no one there could read it

It seemed that there was just no way the dark could be defeated

I formed a Darkness Fighter’s Club to rid us of the plight

And many came, with hearts aflame, to purge the dark of night

We voted and we passed a bill – An anti-darkness law

We chanted at a rally ‘til our vocal chords were raw

We mocked it and we called it names – We created a scandal

‘Till someone handed me a match, and helped me light a candle

Then suddenly the darkness fled – The room just came alive

Don’t fight the night, just shine a light – And darkness can’t survive!

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Reviewed by:  from Highlands Ranch. on 1/5/2021

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