Motivating & Inspiring Students

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Bringing motivation and inspiration to the classroom is not easy. With this practical resource, you’ll discover a results-driven framework based on a six-level hierarchy of student needs and goals that you can use to provide engaging instruction to students. Consider why students esteem needs must be met for them to stay effectively engaged in school. Understand the drastic negative effects on students mental and physical health when the need to belong is unfulfilled. The authors share comprehensive understandings of the nature of motivation and inspiration and detail specific strategies to connect with your students. Learn what teachers should do so students experience self-actualization in class.


  • Learn how creating a positive classroom community will support students sense of belonging.

  • Consider scenarios that portray how the books suggestions might play out in the classroom.

  • Review mindsets, dispositions, and behaviors that result in negative, unhelpful thinking and in positive, productive thinking.

  • Study step-by-step processes that ensure students’ needs get met in individual classrooms.

  • Use the Awaken the Learner Snapshot Student Survey to assess students levels of engagement, attention, motivation, and inspiration in school.


1              Research and Theory

2              Connection to Something Greater Than Self

3              Self-Actualization

4              Esteem Within a Community

5              Belonging

6              Safety

7              Physiology

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