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This is the third book in the Bible Story poetry series.  It features poem stories on every Bible story in the books of Judges and Ruth.

This is not your typical Bible Story book for small children.  It is for teens and adults and provides an entertaining, edgy, humorous, fresh approach to Bible reading while maintaining integrity with the actual Biblical account.

A great source for pastors and youth pastors from which to illustrate their lessons and sermons.

Titles such as: Thumbs and Toes, Jay and Debbie, Small is Better, The Wimp is a Warrior, Grandpa DoDo, Deadly Lisp, Flaming Foxes, Sleazy Dates and Heavy Gates, Fatal Attraction, The Man Who Robbed His Mom, Orpah and Oprah, Flirtin’ for Certain, and more.

Example from Judges 13 where an angel announces that Samson will be born:


Manoah was a Danite who had never had a child

A stranger would appear to her and tell her something wild

He said to her, “You’ll have a son – he’ll be a Nazarite

He must not drink champagne or wine – no Bud and no Coors Lite”

“A razor cannot touch his head – his hair cannot be cut”

At first Manoah thought this guy was really quite a nut!

“What is your name?” she asked the man

He smiled and then replied, “You cannot understand my name – not even if you tried”

Her husband came and joined them and they sacrificed a goat

The stranger jumped into the fire, and upward he would float

He disappeared into the sky and suddenly they knew

The stranger was an angel and the things he said were true

Manoah then would have a son, his strength would bring him fame

They raised him as a Nazarite, and Samson was his name


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