Genesis - Exodus: Bible Story Poetry

Genesis - Exodus: Bible Story Poetry

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These humorous, entertaining, but scripturally accurate poems are a fascinating read that brings all the Bible stories in Genesis and Exodus to life.  Titles like: When God Split an Adam, Raisin’ Cain, Huge Dudes, Basket Baby, The Pest with a Request, Water Logged, God Smites the Amalakites, Moses Vents and God Repents, and many more.  

This is not your typical little children’s Bible Story book!  For teens and adults.  Youth pastors, Sunday School teachers, and pastors will love this as a supplement to their sermons or lessons.

Some poems are short and some go for several pages, completing whatever story they are telling.  Here’s one example:


The builder of Babel did say

“You men build an entrance this way

A solid oak door, up on the eighth floor”

But God changed their language that day

“Please hand me a hammer – Be quick”

He turned and was handed a brick

He asked for a nail – was handed a pail

“My helper”, he thought, “must be sick”

“Young man you were hired for the choir

Of helping me put up this door

Now hand me a plank, and quit looking blank”

The answer – “Ees no savvy, senior!”

All the poems from the “Genesis Bible Story Poetry” book is in this one plus all the poems from Exodus.  The difference is the “Genesis only” book has colored pictures while all of the ones in this book are black and white.

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